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It's full of stars!

Fri, 02/26/2010 - 20:25
J'ai décidé de mettre un peu plus de contenu sur ma page d'accueil, question de rendre ça un peu plus gai. J'utilise Google Reader depuis quelques semaines et j'essaie de bien classer mes découvertes sauf que je ne peux pas faire ça tous les jours. Ce que je vous propose sur ma page d'accueil c'est un échantillon de ce que je star, c'est à dire des trucs que je vais lire plus tard et classer. Voilà la version brute.
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Robin Millette

Tue, 02/23/2010 - 17:50
Nothing to see now. Rien à voir maintenant.
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Little Google Buzz trick while you wait

Wed, 02/10/2010 - 13:26

If like me you’re not Buzzed yet, you can have some sort of preview. First, go to your Google Mail labs, enable the Multiple inboxes experiment. Next, in your settings, hit Multiple inboxes and add “is:buzz” (no quotes) to one of the empty panes. Voilà, now you have direct access to your Buzz, directly from your Google Mail inbox.

UPDATE: 12 hours after posting this and I just noticed a silly mistake. Where it said to use “is:spam”, it really should have been “is:buzz”, obviously.

Trick #2: Now you’ve got the Buzz and you find out some are actually polluting your inbox. There’s a fix for that too. Create a filter by putting “is:buzz” in the “Words:” field. When you hit the “Next” button, you’ll get a warning but you can disregard that, it will work. On the next page, either Archive (skip the inbox) or Delete those mails and voilà, problem solved.

Trick #3: To reduce the Buzz noise from your Google Mail: create a filter to remove Buzzes from your Sent Mails with “is:sent -{is:buzz}” (no quotes), labelling that “Emails Sent” and hiding the default “Sent Mail” label.

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Google Buzz

Tue, 02/09/2010 - 13:35

Sure, just when I decide to leave Facebook, Identica, Twitter and Friendfeed behind, Google comes out with this!

Google Buzz API documentation

Google Buzz API

Google Buzz is their new social media tool, real time, for public and private sharing and works directly from Google Mail.

You can find out more about it by reloading ReadWriteWeb’s live blogging session continuously.

More links:

I was planning a couple of posts:

  • Why I left Facebook, Identica, Twitter and Friendfeed and why you probably shouldn’t
  • My life in Google’s hand

Hoping those will explain what’s happening with me recently.

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Observatoire d’informatique libre québécois | Logiciel Libre, Free Software et Open Source au Québec

Mon, 02/08/2010 - 11:25

J’ai changé le nom de domaine pour l’Observatoire de l’informatique libre québécois : Observatoire d’informatique libre québécois | Logiciel Libre, Free Software et Open Source au Québec. J’espère ainsi lui donner une identité plus précise. C’est un message d’André Cotte sur la liste de FACIL où il disait

« Quand on peut s’intégrer dans un site d’agrégation de flux comme
Informatique libre
, on a le meilleur des deux mondes : son blogue et la
diffusion. »

qui m’a fait penser à ça.

L’ancien domaine fonctionne toujours, bien sûr, mais tout le traffic est maintenant redirigé vers le nouveau nom,

Je suis toujours ouvert à vos suggestions pour améliorer le site, ainsi qu’à vos dons pour aider à réaliser ces suggestions.

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From Creative Commons to the Olympics

Sun, 02/07/2010 - 17:50
Misteur Valaire is a Québec electro-jazz band who sold around 1000 albums yet got their ticket to the Olympic Games in Vancouver. Their secret? Over 40,000 downloads of their web album Friterday Night available through a Creative Commons non-commercial share-alike licence since 2007.
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Animated news, hey, that’s my idea!

Tue, 02/02/2010 - 17:03

Slashdot has a story today about animated news as this clip shows:

I’m only mentionning it because it’s something I wanted to do maybe five years ago and car accidents was my first thought. Without the Tiger Wood caracter of course. You can read more about this in The blurry lines of animated ‘news’ on the CNN website.

Which reminds me of another idea I had: why not make a site to predict the stories that will appear on Slashdot tomorrow or in a couple of days? It could even become a fun gambling site. Who knows…

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The pen as a multimodal interface

Sat, 01/23/2010 - 17:15

I’ve long been thinking about a cool gadget I’d like to have. It might remind you of the set of pen computers if you’ve seen it, but what I want is much simpler, just one pen but probably hooked with bluetooth to other devices.

What is the quickest way to play a song when you know its name? If you’ve got a keyboard, typing its name is the obvious choice. If you have a GUI, drilling down and selecting it (going through genres, artists or years maybe) is the way to go. But if all you have is a pen, why not just write it out? You want to pause it? Two parallel vertical lines should do the trick, and obviously a triangle pointing right will have it play again. Where does the sound come from? Bluetooth headset or maybe even a tiny speaker directly on the pen. Or maybe it’s controlling some remote computer. Where are the songs stored? Probably not on the pen, although we can easily imagine a pen holding 3000 songs (say, 16 GiB). Lots of possibilities.

Hmm, how did I come up with 3000 songs? Say a song is 5 MiB for a cheap MP3 encoding. Take your new super pen, and write it out: 16,000,000,000 / 5,000,000 (with commas, spaces, or using GiB and MiB units, it doesn’t really matter), finish with an equal sign and what happens? The pen can tell you the answer, using that tiny speaker and its voice synthesizer. Maybe we could also add a small display on the side of the pen, or even have the output sent to your watch screen. The possibilities are endless!

How else do you think this could be useful? Maybe the pen could provide some haptic response (say, to correct your spelling). What else?

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The Aikido of self-improvement

Tue, 01/19/2010 - 09:16

It’s a well known fact that you are your worst ennemy. Once you come to realize this, you might want to turn your attention to some ancient or not so ancient martial art, perfecting your expertise in redirecting your opponent’s strength against himself, away from you, careful not to inflict any harm.

For 2010, my greatest ambition is to turn all the negativity I hold within me into something good, positive, actual lessons learned and most importantly felt.

15-20 years ago, I was living a plentiful life, not doing much but spending time with friends, working a normal job (phone surveys, baking donuts, etc.) and messing a bit with computers. I was also into poetry, hosting a radio show, a couple of poetry nights every week and writing plenty. I had a business card that wasn’t one. It was a presentation card, describing a bunch of stuff I was into, as long as my arm. But then things changed. One day, I decided spending time idly chatting and optionally drinking with friends was mostly a waste (yes, kick me). I got more into poetry, more serious, forming a group of 15-20 people and went as far as to renting le Lion d’Or, a 200+ space for a poetry night. And that’s when it changed. That’s when, instead of flowing, I started to really take charge. Of my life, of my surroundings and everything in between. I really felt I had to do something with my life, for others, people I didn’t know. I owed it to the world in general. That was my biggest mistake. Looking back, it’s quite obvious but to tell you the truth, I’m not sure what could have prevented it.

That’s when things really fell apart for me. Slowly, my main form of interaction with others was solely through helping selflessly. I was replacing friends with acquaintances, good times with imagined responsibilities and trading laughter for infinite stress.

“Write for yourself”. You hear that all the time. It’s only now I really understand what it means, that I feel it, that I live it. It’s not about teaching at all, it’s the act of sharing. Only some people will get what I’m writing about and that’s alright. It’s much less pressure for one thing; and another is your pompous ass feeling will probably vanish once you get that too.

A couple of years ago I attempted to resurface. The last 5 or 6 years before that, I fooled myself thinking I was unavailable on purpose when in fact I was just falling in this trap I had been painstakingly setting for the 10 years before that.

You will be betrayed. I’d tell you to brace for it but it is the nature of betrayal to surprise you. Betrayal can come from any direction. The most effective kind comes from the people you trust the most, starting with yourself. Which brings me back to the topic at hand: aikido.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” they say. They must be right, otherwise they wouldn’t be saying it, obviously. 2010, now 38 year old, this lesson is finally sinking in. Hopefully, turning me into a great and self-less Aikidōka in a not too distant future.

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How to live free, do everything you want and ensure you’ll never, ever be happy.

Fri, 01/08/2010 - 23:52
  • Be a hero.
  • Play both sides of the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  • Mistake wit for charm.
  • Lead without giving a second thought to whom is following.
  • Makes lots of online friends, it will alleviate the need for real life ones.
  • Wear out the reload button on your browser.
  • Help in any way you can. You know they’ll return the favor, eventually.
  • Keep it all in your head. One of these days, you can lay it all out to prove just how inventive you really are.
  • Do it all yourself.
  • Never compromise. Follow your principles at any cost.
  • Fun is for suckers. You have more important things to think about.
  • Don’t bother with rituals, they only waste time. Go for the essence, the purity of action.
  • Cultivate a taste for eccentric music, films and art that only you can fully enjoy.
  • Read everything you can. Read read read. You will write later.
  • Popularization Vulgarization is just what it sounds like, popular vulgar. Don’t sink to that level.
  • Sleep when you want or really have to. Work 30 hour days, you can do it!
  • Be honest, always. Prices should be based on cost, not whatever imaginary number someone is willing to pay.
  • Judge other people’s success. Deep down, you know they were lucky and you can do better if only people listen to you.
  • Launch as many projects as you can. Don’t worry about durability, if some are to succeed, they just will.
  • You don’t have to be consistent. Just pick your moments to really shine.

Where are all these comments coming from? Ah, this was frontpaged on Hacker News at ycombinator.

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