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Montréal-Python 75: Funky Urgency

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 23:00

The summer has started and it's time for our last edition before the seasonal break. We are inviting you for the occasion at our friends Anomaly, a co-working space in the Mile-End.

As usual, it's gonna be an opportunity to discover how people are pushing our favourite language farther, to understand how to identify bad habit of most programmers and to have fun with data!

Join us on Wednesday, there's gonna be pizza and we're probably gonna continue the evening to share more about our latest discoveries.

Speakers Josh Reed - Put your Data in a Box

The talk would cover the very basics of Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) and available facilities in python for expressing things like this (namedtuple, attrs, dataclasses). The talk would focus on the advantage of using explicitly structured data over ad-hoc structures like dicts and tuples once programs moved past exploratory phases of development.

Greg Ward - Operator Overloading: You're Doing It Wrong

Some people hate operator overloading so much that they design whole programming languages (Java, Go) to rebel against the idea. And some language communities (C++, Python) are perfectly happy to have operator overloading. But we've all seen examples that make us wonder what the original programmer was thinking. I have discovered some key design principles that will help you avoid such traps.

David Taylor - Dataiku and pytabby demo

I had an idea to give a demo of Dataiku Data Science Studio ( which is made in Python and uses Python to bridge the gap for organizations that want to do quick-win machine learning without having to hire Ph.D.s. I was the Product Owner of Dataiku at my last job, where we used it to give actuaries who were more comfortable in SAS experience in Python and ML.

Edith Viau - LuminX

Alors que la vitesse à laquelle l’information circule se heurte aux contraintes des lois de la physique, nous nous sommes inspirés de la fibre optique qui sous-tend les échanges à haute fréquence des marchés financiers et de la lumière qui les animent dans cette illustration de l’internationalité des échances commerciaux et financiers.

Le projet LEDxchange se veut une représentation visuelle, en temps réel, des flux des taux de changes de 41 monnaies en rapport à l’euro, une des principales monnaies internationales.

Plus d'informations à propos de LuminX à


5555 de Gaspé, Suite 118,
Montreal, Quebec H2T 2A3


Wednesday, June 26th at 6pm

  • 6pm: door opens
  • 6:30pm: talks
  • 8pm: Waverly
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Call for Speakers - Montréal-Python 75: Funky Urgency

Mon, 06/10/2019 - 23:00

Montreal-Python will be hosting its last event before the summer break. This is also a special moment because it's our 75th event!

You would like to talk about your new project? Or share what you have learned at PyCon? Or maybe you have discovered something new in python and would like to share it with us?

Please contact us, we are looking for presenters!

Thanks for Anomaly Co-Working space for welcoming us for this edition!


Anomaly 5555 de Gaspé, Suite 118, Montreal, Quebec H2T 2A3


Wednesday, June 26th at 6pm

  • 6pm: door opens
  • 6:30pm: talks
  • 8pm: Waverly

If you would like to talk at the event, please contact us, either by mail:

Or on Slack at, #talks

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Montréal-Python 74: Virtual Echo

Tue, 03/26/2019 - 23:00

We will meet up at Shopify for the first Montreal Python of the year. We will start with 4 most interesting presentations, and then we will move up to Benelux to continue the discussion.

Speakers Nicolas Kruchten: Explore Your Data and Then Let Others Do It Too: Plotly Express and Dash

You start the morning exploring some data in a Jupyter notebook with Plotly Express and after lunch you whip up a web application to give your non-programmer colleagues access to those same insights with Dash, all in under a 100 lines of Python, no Javascript required. This talk will show you how Plotly's open-source libraries fit together to make this possible.

Adil Addiya: Building a standalone app using electron and flask Federico Ariza: Python Camera Simulator

Overview and use of the EMVA1288 camera Simulator. With the rapid development of autonomous driving, there is a need for more realistic hardware simulation that provide the same kind of challenge to the Computer Vision systems as the real deal. This Simulator is being used in professional environments around the world. It provides accurate physics model to reproduce characteristics and defects of different kind of sensors.

Matthieu Ranger: Feedback loops in data systems

When 'filter bubbles' came to public attention, it became pressing that systems that consume their own recommendations as data can be subject to noxious feedback loops.

In this talk, we go over several examples of feedback loops, then discuss the technical and management issues related.


Monday April 1st at 6PM


Shopify, 490 rue de la Gauchetière Montréal, Québec

  • 6:00PM - Door opens
  • 6:30PM - Presentations
  • 8:00PM - End of talks
  • 8:15PM - Benelux
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Montréal-Python 74: Call for speakers - Virtual Echo

Sun, 03/17/2019 - 23:00

Spring is upon us and it's time for Pythonistas to gather and discuss the latest news and their latest projects.

For this occasion we are looking for speakers who would like to share their latest discoveries. This is the best opportunity to reach out to the Montreal python community.

To submit your talk, write us at the following address: or join us on Slack at


Monday April 1st 2019 at 6pm


Shopify, 490 rue de la Gauchetière Montréal, Québec (map)


6:00PM - Doors open 6:30PM - Presentations 8:00PM - End of the event 8:15PM - Benelux

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