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And now for something completely different... again!

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 Well, well, well, whaddya know, Jeremy actually did it and opened up Drupal for the masses :)

 Good work Jeremy, I liked Drupal the few times that I have used it in the past, too bad I did not know about it when I moved the website to Mambo.

I want to take a moment and tell the tale of once again here, to help as a reference for the future, so that people will know and learn from my mistakes, and not repeat them, and keep this group going.

 Does anyone remember what MLUG looked like originally? No? The Wayback machine remembers, take a look at this:

That was the original site, built with Zope as the backend, and it worked well, even if it looked ugly as sin :) It was all the work of Alan T. (now retired from group things :P). I want to say two things right here. 1. Thank you very much Alan for the effort and work and the dedication you put into it, I know now that it not was an easy task, taking the blame for everything is never easy I guess, and I did a lot of complaining along with TrashMouth (aka as Jared), until Alan threw the towel and let me update the page, and this is what it looked like.

 I am very proud of that design, it was clean and simple, and I was still using Zope as the backend. And that look lived on for quite some time, until we lost our hosting.

 At this point we had no resources, all I had was a shared web server that I could not put Zope on, so I had to do something drastic. Rewrite the whole site to use static HTML (well, with some SSI thrown in), and make the whole thing availble from CVS so the other webmaster at the time (JF) could update it, and this went well, for a while.

 What started next was the same thing that always happened, the complaints started, long story short, I bit the bullet and installed Mambo so that users can create/upload their content and "move the group forward", boy that was a trip. After fighting with Mambo and finally getting it to play nice articles simply stopped, nobody wanted to submit anything.

 Why am I typing all this? To warn you people, you have a nice new interface, don't let it fall from memory, people like Jeremy, JF and myself work hard and take no credit, but we expect something in return, contribution, from YOU.

 I hope it works this time, maybe me managing it was bad luck, or whatever, but please please please, make it grow.




Oh boy.

Oh boy. I remember making the site HTML compliant. Converting all of Paul's articles from Zope to HTML. It just made me realise I've been on MLUG for quite some time now.

I remember when...

I remember when the coffee machine was the lug president. I remember when I wrote an article that got picked up by a few sites and felt my 15 seconds of fame. I remember when we sent a can of dog food for the correct answer to a quiz question.

I remember how absolutely thankless the job of the website designer is.
My hat's off to all of you, Alan, Nick, Jeremy.

This means I'll have to write something on the site doesn't it. Well it is definitely worth supporting.

I had no idea the wayback machine picked up mlug. Thank you for the trip down memory lane TON. I enjoyed it.

Hi Nick, Thanks for the

Hi Nick,

Thanks for the refresher on the mlug history. I will keep this in mind going forward and will try to contribute as much as my free time will allow.


Thanks Nick. I was just

Thanks Nick. I was just saying to sklav I would like to get an  mlug history up there... BTW, please feel free to call me Jeremy :)