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Hey there fellow Mlugers ! Welcome to my little space on MLUG.

Im confortably seated in front of my AIGLX & Beryl enabled PC running PCLinuxOS 2007 Test2 and i absolutly love it ! What an experience....!!

Ok so who is Rompy ? Well aka Denny, i am 38 years old married and have one child. Ive been working for a financial firm for 12 years now 8 of them in IT. Ive been using computers since the days of the Vic 20 / Commodore 64 (ha i still have it!) Maybe i can bring that to a MLUG meeting ! See who still remembers their Basic ?

Anyhow i started toying around with Linux back in 1998 but did not really get into it. I went on and off trying it but never satyisfied with the desktop expericence so changing was not really tempting. I started to use Linux more around 2002 when i got into Webdesign and decided to run my own server at home running on Redhat/Fedora. Since 2002 i tried different distros on the desktop dual booting with Windows but was never satisfied enough with Linux to make the change.

Speed up to 2006, im really really fed up with Windows and all the crap that comes with it! I can finally say that Linux distros are finally there in terms of quality and im ready to jump ship! So for 2007 my objective is to learn the Linux desktop and go full on no more dual booting!

That now brings me to why i decided to join a Linux user group, to get help, learn and give back to the community.

In ending, i tried like 10 or so distros in the last month and finally settled with PCLinuxOS on my Desktop pc and Laptop. So in my next blogs i will be talking about this distro and my experiences with it.

So thanks for reading.


Vic 20? Hah!

I have a better computer yet: the exact Sinclair ZX81 on which I programmed my first video game, in 1982. It includes data acquisition and relay control cards, and a whopping 64K of RAM. I don't know if it actually works, but I do know where I could get it fixed if needed.

It has FAST and SLOW modes. They would be better described as SLOW and BRAIN-CRUSHING-SLOW.

Vic 20

I still have my old Vic 20 as well, complete with tape drive and a several cassettes of "dubbed" games. Good luck with Linux.

Ohh wow the Vic20 and with a

Ohh wow the Vic20 and with a tape drive!! i remember waiting and waiting for the program to load man that was brutal.

Actually even the diskettes were long. But hey it was fun!