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jeremy's blog Upgrade

Posted in has been upgraded to drupal 6. The theme and modules will be restored over the next few days. Thank you for your patience.

Open Source Auction Applications?

Anyone have an open source auction web application they know of?

Meeting change and other fun stuff

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The venue for the meeting changed late this afternoon, due to renovations at the planned space. I updated the site and the irc channel, and attempted to alert the mailing list, but sadly it seems I was unable to get a mail through, due most likely to a problem at videotron (I got one bounced back to me).

So, meeting is officially at Utopik, and I wil not be there. I hope this did not cause too much inconvenience for people, I personally alerted whoever I could.

Meeting last night

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Had a good meeting last night, despite a rather small turnout (the important people were there hehe). We discussed the issues du jour, trashed certain distros, got griped at about some things, and praised for others.

I'd like to see a bigger turnout next time, we will see what has to be done to make this so.


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Freelinking is now enabled. This means you can link in wiki-like ways to content, and create new content by linking to it. Both camel case and square bracket links are supported.


Easier Blogging and Linking

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I have added the prepopulate module here. This allows you to use a bookmarklet to add links to the MLUG website.

Images for website

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Montreal Linux User Group Meeting

I attended this meeting, thought it went quite well. There were about 12-15 people there, and about as many laptops. We had a presentation from Linutop which was very cool, and we got to meet up with the Bande Passante crew as well. Thanks to all who came, and let's do it again soon!


Chat Room

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Come drop in and say hi in our chat room on IRC. Login right here , or come to #mlug on

Move to drupal

Use drupal for everything!

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