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Montreal LUGs... and such.

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Just stopped by to check the date for the next meetup since it's been ages since I attended a local LUG meeting of any sort, probably 5 years or so since I attended regularly, probably more.

Nice to see Drupal on the site. I went to a couple of days of DrupalCon2005 in Portland and met a bunch of the developers there.

If you don't already know about OLS ( you should check it out. It's a fairly inexpensive and seriously good Linux conference held in Ottawa every year and early registration is still happening for another week I think. It's for kernel/developer types. I've been fortunate to go every year since 1999. I gave a tutorial on reverse engineering usb device drivers at OLS 2006.

Anyone have any suggestions on any other local (Montreal-ish) groups/meet-ups I should check out? If you want to know more about me in particular, feel free to check my site (

Most events taking place in

Most events taking place in Montreal, Quebec and beyond are announced on the FACIL calendar. was abandonned a long time ago, we're just using a wiki for now on Linux-Québec. Barcamps and Democamps are pretty cool too, next one is tomorrow. I also tend to mention a few things on my own website at IM2 | OQP. I hope you find what you are looking for ;)

P.S.: while you're at it, join the Free Software Week website!


Hello Eric and welcome to MLUG !

Look forward to seeing you at the April meeting, we should get a good turn out.

for other groups there is Montreal Linux Meetups link below.

PCLinuxOS radically simple.