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PCLinux OS - A Cover Story

Well PCLOS has finally made the cover of Linux Format ! The January issue # 101 is out and the review is great, i am not surprised as since my last posting this Distro has gained even more ground and is in a final release with version PCLOS 2007.

I recently just re-installed the final release a few weeks ago so i figured it would be a good time to make an update to this blog. PCLOS continues to prove it is a solid OS and well put together, i yet again tried a few more distros like Ubuntu 7.10 and KUbuntu 7.10 with KDE4 and well i was just disapointed things dont work as well as PCLOS.

What really makes PCLOS stand out is that it is easy to use and comes well packaged in a homogeneous way. Mandriva's control center is a god send and makes Windows users feel at home. The design and artwork is clean, developers have made sure that the desktop is unified.

Below is my current desktop setup, still alot more tweaking to do and i intend to update this blog with howto guides and other small documentations in the coming weeks.

details :)

So what exactly works better? Are these changes that could be used on other linux desktops? Give us a rundown on the pros and cons.

Its the most user friendly

Its the most user friendly distro, its just a better out of the box experience. Its well put together and everything just works from the get go.

See this review :

PCLinuxOS radically simple.