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Programmer needed - for a distributed/mobile VJ application

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The project is called RawMaterials, and is a collaboration between the SAT ([[]]) in Montreal and several organizations in Vancouver. The aim is to connect the two cities during the Olympics, and in particular, to share assets between audiences and video artists during live events.

The task is to create a program (probably written in Python) that queries various web components to retrieve a list of videos or images related to an event, and present them to a VJ for live mixing. Additionally, a streaming video component will be available to mix in real-time video feeds. The main tool for mixing this content is a VJ application called *Modul8*, which has a Python-based extension mechanism.

The main component that organizes the videos and images is something called the *Social Media Aggregator*, which is written in Drupal (ie, PHP), and collects assets from many places such as YouTube, Flickr, SMS, MMS, VoiceXML, Twitter, etc. This allows audience members to use their mobile devices to send text, images and videos during an event, which becomes instantly available to the VJ(s).

Relevant skills (not all are required):

  • Python
  • Drupal / PHP
  • Mobile development
  • Database interaction/query
  • RESTful web services
  • Video formats & conversion
  • Streaming video
  • Modul8 or similar VJ software

Time frame: June 2008 until March 2009. Approx 15-25 hours/week
Contact: mikewoz AT