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Directeur du déploiement et de la mise en service

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Envoyez votre cv à :

Principales fonctions :
Relevant du vice-président TI & Infrastructure, le candidat devra être en mesure de maintenir, avec l'aide de ses équipes, un niveau de service à la clientèle élevé, des délais de livraisons optimaux pour les serveurs (dédiés et colocations), un support adéquat au niveau des infrastructures de centres de données ainsi qu'une communication accrue avec les autres départements (service à la clientèle, ventes, etc.) et les équipes de plancher ou de livraison.


Perl / PHP programmer wanted

Intello Technologies, a company specialized in hospitality solutions and digital signage solutions, is looking for a professional programmer with abilities in the follow fields:
- perl
- mysql
- php

- Adobe Flash
- systems management

Please send your C.V. to:

CDlinux 0.9.2 released yesterday, a distribution from Montreal.

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Converting Mbox mailboxes to Maildir format

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Today i successfully imported all my old mbox format emails to Maildir format!

I recently migrated my emails accounts to virtual email boxes and still had a bunch of historical emails from as far back as 2003 that i could no longer access. Well i finally decided to convert them with a awesome script called by Juri Haberland.

Montreal based Linux distro: CDlinux new version released

Cdlinux, a Montreal based linux distribution, has released its newest version: 0.9.1 yesterday.
Cdlinux ranked No.76 in now.

This is a yet another big leap toward CDlinux 1.0, integrated many new features and enhancements, including:

a new GUI installation/upgrade wizard
rewrite the "persistent mode" code and save persistent data as squashfs
replace fcitx with scim to support im for more locales
add full support for de_DE, en_CA, en_GB, fr_CA, fr_FR, ja_JP, ru_RU
add support for "Safe Graphics Mode" in case native Xorg driver failed

Linux and Microsoft Windows Future

I work with both Linux and Windows XP. The latter software, in a Microsoft software based organization.

On the Linux based forum web sites that I visit, the subscribers cheer every time a Linux system displaces a major Microsoft one. The converse is true in the Microsoft camps, because of the argument "How can you make money with free software?" In the minds of these Linux forum subscribers, Microsoft is the enemy.

Adding a Quake-style console utility to Ubuntu

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If your like me you probably dont like waiting for the terminal window to load and you would rather have fast access to the shell.

Remember the Quake console ? Hmm or maybe your still playing ? Pressing “~” would drop down a console where you could enter Quake commands.

Linux Application Developer

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Programmeur/euse principal/e, Linux
(English below)

Équipe de recherche et de développement (technologies de pointe) située au centre-ville de Montréal.
ceci est un poste SUPÉRIEUR, par conséquent nous recherchons un professionnel ou une professionnelle ayant des compétences reconnues avec Windows, une personne qui souhaite travailler, et y excellerait, avec différents professionnels chevronnés et de jeunes meneurs dynamiques.

Starting gDesklets automatically in Ubuntu

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gDesklets are great but starting them manually everytime you logon is no fun. So it is very easy to start them automatically and quietly, quietly meaning that there is no useless icon taking up space on your main panel.

Needed Immediately: Linux Programmer (Senior Level) to program applications

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This could be an interesting opportunity for someone who wants to be creative with their skills. We are a Research and Development company presently concentrating on mobile internet devices. Our latest device is called the Pocketsurfer. Our Research and Development company here in Montreal doesn't actually have a website, but for info on the product, you can view the seller's site. It's a UK company; (the product is presently being sold there).

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