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We are curently looking for:


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Programmer needed - for a distributed/mobile VJ application

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The project is called RawMaterials, and is a collaboration between the SAT ([[]]) in Montreal and several organizations in Vancouver. The aim is to connect the two cities during the Olympics, and in particular, to share assets between audiences and video artists during live events.

The Debian OpenSSL Fiasco.

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On May 13th, Debian announced that there is a bug in the way SSH RSA/1024 and DSA/2048 were generated, the actual probelm was that the keys were not random enough, given time and resources you can generate enough keys to use in a brute force attack. Aside from the obvious, I have my own thoughts on the matter.

First, I was mad, really mad. How can Debian miss such a glaring hole? And then I read the description of what actually happened - I won't go in detail here, you can find it online - and guess what, I got even MORE mad. This was beyond a simple mistake, this was bad management.

Help with setup of Fedora on Shuttle

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I am completely new at Linux, but have been using Windows for years. I just bought a Shuttle KPC to use as a music server with my Squeezebox. I was mistaken in thinking that this would not involve too much hassle to set up.
Is there anyone in the Lachine area who could help me with this.
I would be most grateful.


How to simulate MBR damage?

I was Linux Admin for serveral years, with over 20 linux boxes, never have problem with MBR failure, the question is: how to simulate one? so that I can have experience to fix it?

Being new to town, anyone have a hint?

How to reset root password?

being asked how to reset root password. I told:
reboot to single user mode, and passwd root

I was told: wrong, I need to mount the partition first.

1) if someone left the company, you still have root access, just use:
passwd root, that will do it.

2) if you forget or being changed, and you have the machine,
boot into single user mode, no need to mount anything, just passwd root
with grub, you need to append single to boot into single user mode

Linux System Manager Career Opporunity

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I am presently looking for an experienced Linux Sys-Network Admin who has some management experience.
The environment is pure R&D, they deal with Artificial Intelligence. 5 years hands on experience required

For more info;[tt_news]=259&tx_ttnews[backPid]=624&cHash=d80a21c25d

or email me at

Cheers and thank you for your time.

Unix and Network administrator positions opened at Ubisoft

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Hi all,

For your information, Ubisoft is looking for 2 passionate Linux and Network system administrators. Jobs descriptions are posted at: [[]]

If you know that P4 if not only a Pentium 4, if you can compile a kernel with your eyes closed, if you cam explain what an inode is without using the letter e, you are a good candidate for us.

You can contact me at:


PCLinux OS - A Cover Story

Well PCLOS has finally made the cover of Linux Format ! The January issue # 101 is out and the review is great, i am not surprised as since my last posting this Distro has gained even more ground and is in a final release with version PCLOS 2007.

I recently just re-installed the final release a few weeks ago so i figured it would be a good time to make an update to this blog. PCLOS continues to prove it is a solid OS and well put together, i yet again tried a few more distros like Ubuntu 7.10 and KUbuntu 7.10 with KDE4 and well i was just disapointed things dont work as well as PCLOS.

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