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Adding jobs to mlug site?

I am new here and I guess I will get flamed for posting this...

I would like to post a job but I can't seem to find any mechanism to do so...
please feel free to nuke this. If there was a doc or person I could consult I wouldn't have done it this way. Sorry

mac. ... The posting as follows
HPC Analyst:

A position of High Performance Analyst is available at CLUMEQ, a Quebec High Performance Computing consortium. This is a contract position based at McGill University in Montreal, in support of scientific computing activities of CLUMEQ affiliated faculty. This Research Scientist/Research Associate will provide leadership and technical expertise to CLUMEQ's research, development, and support activities with the general goal of enhancing the research programs of the CLUMEQ research community across its partner institutions (McGill, Laval, and the UQ system).

The ideal candidate will have at least an M.Sc. degree (Ph.D. preferred) and a significant background in large scale scientific computing in any discipline of science or engineering, with extensive expertise in parallel programming environments (including MPI). Although not required, expertise in any of the following application areas is desired: large scale database analysis and visualization, brain mapping, ab initio calculations in nanoelectronics, advanced materials, grid environments and grid computing.

This successful candidate will (a), conduct research into new high performance and parallel computing techniques, tools, and algorithms; (b), conduct performance analyses and benchmarking; (c), evaluate HPC software tools and contribute to acquisition plans; and (d), closely work with CLUMEQ users to facilitate the incorporation of HPC technologies and methodology into their research activities.

CLUMEQ is in a phase of rapid growth with the deployment of a massively parallel architecture in the next few months, and the associated ncrease in use and user support needs. The initial appointment will be for one year, renewable, and salary will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

For inquiries or applications, please contact

Michele L'Allier-Davies
3600 University St.
Montreal, QC H3A 2T8
E-mail: michele. lallier-davies @ mcgill. ca

Applications must include a current curriculum vitae, a detailed description of
past HPC projects and expertise (including application development), and the
names and addresses of three references. Applications will be accepted until the
position is filled.