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Linux Courses


I am looking for in class Linux training for my job, preferably in early January. something to teach the basics of the command line & the shell. Does anyone know of any, I have searched the web, but have been unable to find anything. Thanks for any help.

Hi, I'll be visiting my


I'll be visiting my girlfriend in February for half and a month (Je suis peruvien) and I'd like to help you if you still need it. I'm doing my last year, I'm a telecom student.

my email is reynaldomic001 at gmail dot com

Linux seminar

The School of Computer Science at McGill hold a by-yearly seminar. It's pretty good.

CLP 11


As Novell partner we start this week a linux training.
May I ask if you can join us...

you can go to exit certified

you can go to exit certified ( or savoir faire linux (