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Looking for work, advice needed

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Hello All,

I'm a british citizen moving to Canada in March. I'll be moving to montreal especially.
I will be leaving my job with ThoughtWorks ( and looking for work in Montreal.

Unfortunately for me, this is a bad time to be leaving a stable job - I just thought I'd post a message here
to see if anyone has any hints / tips for me.

I'm a Linux Administrator, (Cisco, VMware, RHEL, Ubuntu etc) with 4 years of experience.
If you prefer to contant me via email it's



My Ubuntu Desktop

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After enjoying PCLOS with KDE for a little more than one year I finally decided to change to Ubuntu 8.10 with the Gnome desktop and modded to my liking. Its pure awesomeness !


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Its been a long time since my last blog entry. What have i been up too with Linux?

Well for the better part i decided to let go of my confort zone in Linux, Redhat based distros. I manage a few servers that are setup with Fedora. I learned Linux on Redhat and always stayed with it.

In search for C/C++ Programmer

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We're a non profit organization that is searching for a C/C++ Linux Programmer for our video broadcast system. We will use Aja OEM cards with SDI Video & AES Audio output on something like CentOS Linux.

We want to develop 3 services: A Media player that waits for its playlist by listening to an IP port, a playlist service that makes up the playlist by reading infos on an SQL server, a copy service that will intelligently pull MPEG2 avi files from a server by FTP and place them locally on the playing server while managing local hard disk space.

CDlinux 0.90

CDlinux is a compact distribution of GNU/Linux. The name is a synonymous of “Compact Distro Linux”. It is small in size, yet rich in features.

CDlinux ships with an up-to-date version of the Linux kernel, Xorg, XFce, and many popular applications, like Firefox and Pidgin. And all the major libs and dependencies are also included, users can easily tailor/extend CDlinux for their own needs.
Quick Links

News about recent changes, releases.

Download the latest CDlinux release.


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We are curently looking for:


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Move you Tux Move your Gnu autour du monde

Un défie fou vient d'être lancé sur Le Forum Ubuntu . Fr

Pour démontrer que Linux n'est pas qu'une chaine de données mais aussi une chaine humaine

Le forum:

l'URL du projet sera
et (normalement a venir)

Nous comptons sur toutes les personnes intéressées pour:
-Faire passer l'info autour de lui (elle).
-Participer au projet selon ses disponibilités.
-Venir nous rencontrer sur le Forum et les sites.

Programmer needed - for a distributed/mobile VJ application

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The project is called RawMaterials, and is a collaboration between the SAT ([[]]) in Montreal and several organizations in Vancouver. The aim is to connect the two cities during the Olympics, and in particular, to share assets between audiences and video artists during live events.

The Debian OpenSSL Fiasco.

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On May 13th, Debian announced that there is a bug in the way SSH RSA/1024 and DSA/2048 were generated, the actual probelm was that the keys were not random enough, given time and resources you can generate enough keys to use in a brute force attack. Aside from the obvious, I have my own thoughts on the matter.

First, I was mad, really mad. How can Debian miss such a glaring hole? And then I read the description of what actually happened - I won't go in detail here, you can find it online - and guess what, I got even MORE mad. This was beyond a simple mistake, this was bad management.

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