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looking to integrate different technologies including embedded applications


uclinux (for building embedded linux payment terminal and HSM h(ost security module)

sfsro &chefs and
for applications distribution for personalisation of smartcards on personalisation server.

Building of desktop payment(and other application) processing server

and smartcard knowledge for building applications

I am located in Montreal
my website
I can be reached at

MLUG Guidelines

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We have recently resurrected and reworked some very simple guidelines to aid MLUG members in participating in our group in a friendly and constructive way.

Code of Behavior governing the Montreal Linux Users Group (MLUG)

All about LVM (Logical Volume Management) An administration topic.

There is a very nice article about the aforementioned topic. The following URL provides the pages to the article, with some nice illustrations.

Here in part is some of the article text.
Introduction to LVM with RHEL, Fedora or Centos Linux
=========== cut =================
This is the first part of an overview of Logical Volume Management. LVM was written originally by Heinz Mauelshagen in 1988. LVM has the advantages:
* Resizing of logical groups
* Resizing of logical volumes

Adding jobs to mlug site?

I am new here and I guess I will get flamed for posting this...

I would like to post a job but I can't seem to find any mechanism to do so...
please feel free to nuke this. If there was a doc or person I could consult I wouldn't have done it this way. Sorry

mac. ... The posting as follows
HPC Analyst:

Distro's @Shaika

I've been giving all my used linux live cd',s to cafe shaika for a while now, there in an envelope below the bulk coffee...
anyways, people are really starting to take them, in the first few weeks only Sabayon Linux would disappear, but now Ubuntu 7.10 is gone every second day.. so cool, Now i have a way of recycling all the distros i try out.

basically i use whichever distro supports my hardware (read: hp laptop w broadcom) the best, but i try practically every distro for fun.. (not the RC's of course)

Senior Desktop Technician, office and manufacturing

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Please note that this posting is not being placed by a recruiter but by the hiring manager.

In a Montreal Pharmaceutical company. There are currently 2 positions open, one as team lead (technicians), the second as senior technician. Very competitive compensation package.

Job Description

To carry out fault resolution and deskside support on internal IT estate and mentor junior members of the Desktop Support Team.

Key Responsibilities/Objectives


On November 3, 2007 from 9AM to 6PM the local Montreal tech community is hosting its own "unconference" called BarCampMontreal3. It's at the Société des arts technologiques (SAT) on 1195 blvd St Laurent, between René Levesque and Ste. Catherine. The bilingual event is free of charge for all participants, and includes lunch, coffee, and a commemorative T-shirt.

English home striked

On the english home page of this site, starting on top of the middle section, the emaining of hte page is striked in the middle. I think I found the culprit tag:

<div class="content">
<del>**Next Meeting**<br />

Montreal OpenMoko MeetUp, Sunday Sept 9th

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I'm having an OpenMoko ( meetup at my apartment on Sunday, September 9th, 2007 from 6pm-8pm at my place in Mile End. I'll send a message to the list shortly. Please end me an email via the contact form on my website if you're interested in attending ( There is limited seating available as I don't have alot of chairs. (Maybe 10 people maximum).

If you are interested in seeing an FIC Neo1973 handset in real life, I have two and the debug board.


i have installed zipslack and have been having trouble getting a windows xp system to boot into DOS in real mode.
i am currently getting 'the cpu is in v86 mode' error which specifies that zipslack requires 386/486 real mode and that this can be achieved with EMM or a VCPI server etc....
does someone have an example config.nt and/or autoexec.nt file that can be used
to achieve this? if not perhaps some pointers as to what the entries in those files need to be.
thanks much.

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