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I am a LInux Biggot

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I am slowly realizing how great linux is and how far it has come in the past two years since I became curious.

It is not the be all or end all of operating systems, but it certainly has lots of functionality. I don't think, in the next short while, I could call myself a senior administrator.

I do have my frustrations with linux, because of the open-ness. Yes, because of that.

Here is what I would like to see.

All messages and codes standardized with a key. For example, enumerate the list of kernel messages and prefix them with **kern0001, kern0002**, etc.

Facil will gain CD/DVD production equipment

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Today Facil announces that it will acquire equipment necessary for producing CD and DVD with a professional look, for its members, other LUGs and companies to use for distributing small to medium quantities during various events. You'll be able to rent the hardware, or have them produced for you.

For more information, have a look at the official press release (in French).

Présentation Facil: OpenStreetMap

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On August 16th, starting at 19:00, at the Centre de recherche informatique de Montréal (CRIM, 550 Sherbrooke W, office 100, near metro Mc Gill), Alistair Boyle will be presenting the OpenStreeMap project, a free editable map of the whole world.

OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth. The project was started because most maps you think of as free actually have legal or technical restrictions on their use, holding back people from using them in creative, productive or unexpected ways.

100 M$ Deals on the wall...

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Hello and welcome to the new world where Linux vendors are selling their souls.

As you can tell from the first line of this post, I am extremely frustrated with the state of Linux vendors these days, let's try to analyze the latest IP deals, shall we?

First there was the Novell/SuSE deal, I am not a lawyer, but from what I gathered, it was all a trick to get around the GPL, and apparently it worked so well that the FSF made specific changes to GPL3 to prevent that sort of thing.

Open Source Auction Applications?

Anyone have an open source auction web application they know of?

Meeting change and other fun stuff

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The venue for the meeting changed late this afternoon, due to renovations at the planned space. I updated the site and the irc channel, and attempted to alert the mailing list, but sadly it seems I was unable to get a mail through, due most likely to a problem at videotron (I got one bounced back to me).

So, meeting is officially at Utopik, and I wil not be there. I hope this did not cause too much inconvenience for people, I personally alerted whoever I could.

Meeting last night

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Had a good meeting last night, despite a rather small turnout (the important people were there hehe). We discussed the issues du jour, trashed certain distros, got griped at about some things, and praised for others.

I'd like to see a bigger turnout next time, we will see what has to be done to make this so.

Montreal LUGs... and such.

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Just stopped by to check the date for the next meetup since it's been ages since I attended a local LUG meeting of any sort, probably 5 years or so since I attended regularly, probably more.

Nice to see Drupal on the site. I went to a couple of days of DrupalCon2005 in Portland and met a bunch of the developers there.

My humps, RIAA and the brave new world!

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What is the world coming to?

Ok ok, so let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Here I am, happily hacking away at some packages, can't remember which and it doesn't matter.
As usual I had my earphones on to block the eternal chatter in the office and had my Last.FM client tuned to "My Neighbors" station.

And then it happened, Fergie came on, obscenely chanting about her "humps", which led to several things happening at once.

1. I snorted coffee all over my keyboard.

Playing with the OLPC OS

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I just got a qemu image of the OLPC (one laptop per child) OS and played with it for a few minutes. It's really different from anything I've ever seen before, the whole gui is really based around sharing and being able to communicate with other friends on the mesh wifi network that gets created when you put a bunch of these boxes next to each other (I've yet to use it, but it's there). The taskbar is right in the middle of the screen which forms a circle of open applications centered around a little stick figure which I'm assuming represents you.

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