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Kill dash 9

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Not the best rap skillz, but the lyrics are good :)

Free Software Week is looking for volunteers

Only 194 days to go until Software Freedom Day, which happens to kick off the Québec Free Software Week this year :)

We're looking for people to help with the website, promotion, writing, translation, etc. Maybe you have an idea for a large event and 6 months will be just enough time to make it happen? I hope the new website can help you realize your goals to promote Free Software and Open Source.

So mark your calendars and keep a few days open betwen the 15th and 23rd of September 2007 for the SQIL.

PCLinux OS - Look no further.

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Welcome to my first installment about PC Linux OS. I just starting using this distro since about 2 weeks now after choosing it over Kubuntu 6.10 and Fedora Core 6. Im also in the process of moving over to Linux from Microsoft Windows XP, so for the time being im running both my Laptop and Desktop in dual boot.

Hi, folks!

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I'm Angie Byron, aka 'webchick' ... I work on the Drupal project all day, all night, and every time in between. ;) So far I've only made it to one MLUG meeting because of my crazy work/travel schedule. :( But hope to leave my house for once and see you all again next meeting! Thanks to Jeremy for introducing me to the group, and also for building this site so we can all talk. :) And thanks to Robin for scheduling the next meeting at a time when I can hopefully make it!


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Freelinking is now enabled. This means you can link in wiki-like ways to content, and create new content by linking to it. Both camel case and square bracket links are supported.


Easier Blogging and Linking

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I have added the prepopulate module here. This allows you to use a bookmarklet to add links to the MLUG website.

/home/denny/My MLUG Blog.

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Hey there fellow Mlugers ! Welcome to my little space on MLUG.

Im confortably seated in front of my AIGLX & Beryl enabled PC running PCLinuxOS 2007 Test2 and i absolutly love it ! What an experience....!!

Ok so who is Rompy ? Well aka Denny, i am 38 years old married and have one child. Ive been working for a financial firm for 12 years now 8 of them in IT. Ive been using computers since the days of the Vic 20 / Commodore 64 (ha i still have it!) Maybe i can bring that to a MLUG meeting ! See who still remembers their Basic ?

My First post.

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Since Jeremy put so much work into this site, I thought I should post to help fill it some.

And now for something completely different... again!

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 Well, well, well, whaddya know, Jeremy actually did it and opened up Drupal for the masses :)

 Good work Jeremy, I liked Drupal the few times that I have used it in the past, too bad I did not know about it when I moved the website to Mambo.

I want to take a moment and tell the tale of once again here, to help as a reference for the future, so that people will know and learn from my mistakes, and not repeat them, and keep this group going.

Wiki formatting

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I really wish that drupal supported wiki formatting in addition to this rich format edit control.


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