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Linux Quotes 161

We are using Linux daily to UP our productivity - so UP yours!
(Adapted from Pat Paulsen by Joe Sloan)

Linux Quotes 162

We come to bury DOS, not to praise it.
(Paul Vojta,, paraphrasing a quote of Shakespeare)

Linux Quotes 163

We use Linux for all our mission-critical applications. Having the source code
means that we are not held hostage by anyone's support department.
(Russell Nelson, President of Crynwr Software)

Linux Quotes 164

"What you end up with, after running an operating system concept through
these many marketing coffee filters, is something not unlike plain hot
(By Matt Welsh)

Linux Quotes 165

What's this script do?
unzip ; touch ; finger ; mount ; gasp ; yes ; umount ; sleep
Hint for the answer: not everything is computer-oriented. Sometimes you're
in a sleeping bag, camping out.
(Contributed by Frans van der Zande.)

Linux Quotes 145

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— xOpICT zaklvrbsgums, [url=]gzwnmwaerpop[/url], [link=]lrgwsbqytsxz[/link],

xOpICT zaklvrbsgums, [url=]gzwnmwaerpop[/url], [link=]lrgwsbqytsxz[/link],

Linux Quotes 146

Running Windows on a Pentium is like having a brand new Porsche but only
be able to drive backwards with the handbrake on.
(Unknown source)

Linux Quotes 147

"sic transit discus mundi"
(From the System Administrator's Guide, by Lars Wirzenius)

Linux Quotes 148

Sigh. I like to think it's just the Linux people who want to be on
the "leading edge" so bad they walk right off the precipice.
(Craig E. Groeschel)

Linux Quotes 149

The chat program is in public domain. This is not the GNU public license. If
it breaks then you get to keep both pieces.
(Copyright notice for the chat program)

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