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I am a LInux Biggot

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I am slowly realizing how great linux is and how far it has come in the past two years since I became curious.

It is not the be all or end all of operating systems, but it certainly has lots of functionality. I don't think, in the next short while, I could call myself a senior administrator.

I do have my frustrations with linux, because of the open-ness. Yes, because of that.

Here is what I would like to see.

All messages and codes standardized with a key. For example, enumerate the list of kernel messages and prefix them with **kern0001, kern0002**, etc.

/home/denny/My MLUG Blog.

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Hey there fellow Mlugers ! Welcome to my little space on MLUG.

Im confortably seated in front of my AIGLX & Beryl enabled PC running PCLinuxOS 2007 Test2 and i absolutly love it ! What an experience....!!

Ok so who is Rompy ? Well aka Denny, i am 38 years old married and have one child. Ive been working for a financial firm for 12 years now 8 of them in IT. Ive been using computers since the days of the Vic 20 / Commodore 64 (ha i still have it!) Maybe i can bring that to a MLUG meeting ! See who still remembers their Basic ?

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