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In search for C/C++ Programmer

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We're a non profit organization that is searching for a C/C++ Linux Programmer for our video broadcast system. We will use Aja OEM cards with SDI Video & AES Audio output on something like CentOS Linux.

We want to develop 3 services: A Media player that waits for its playlist by listening to an IP port, a playlist service that makes up the playlist by reading infos on an SQL server, a copy service that will intelligently pull MPEG2 avi files from a server by FTP and place them locally on the playing server while managing local hard disk space.

PCLinux OS - A Cover Story

Well PCLOS has finally made the cover of Linux Format ! The January issue # 101 is out and the review is great, i am not surprised as since my last posting this Distro has gained even more ground and is in a final release with version PCLOS 2007.

I recently just re-installed the final release a few weeks ago so i figured it would be a good time to make an update to this blog. PCLOS continues to prove it is a solid OS and well put together, i yet again tried a few more distros like Ubuntu 7.10 and KUbuntu 7.10 with KDE4 and well i was just disapointed things dont work as well as PCLOS.

Distro's @Shaika

I've been giving all my used linux live cd',s to cafe shaika for a while now, there in an envelope below the bulk coffee...
anyways, people are really starting to take them, in the first few weeks only Sabayon Linux would disappear, but now Ubuntu 7.10 is gone every second day.. so cool, Now i have a way of recycling all the distros i try out.

basically i use whichever distro supports my hardware (read: hp laptop w broadcom) the best, but i try practically every distro for fun.. (not the RC's of course)

Free Online Linux Course for Beginners

Starting February 2nd, a new Online Linux Course for Beginners is starting on  It is targeting mostly users new to Linux, but anybody wanting to know more about the Linux command line interface is welcomed and might benefit too.  For more information, check

AIGLX and Beryl

Cool video showing off beryl

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