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Distro's @Shaika

I've been giving all my used linux live cd',s to cafe shaika for a while now, there in an envelope below the bulk coffee...
anyways, people are really starting to take them, in the first few weeks only Sabayon Linux would disappear, but now Ubuntu 7.10 is gone every second day.. so cool, Now i have a way of recycling all the distros i try out.

basically i use whichever distro supports my hardware (read: hp laptop w broadcom) the best, but i try practically every distro for fun.. (not the RC's of course)

Free Software Week is looking for volunteers

Only 194 days to go until Software Freedom Day, which happens to kick off the Québec Free Software Week this year :)

We're looking for people to help with the website, promotion, writing, translation, etc. Maybe you have an idea for a large event and 6 months will be just enough time to make it happen? I hope the new website can help you realize your goals to promote Free Software and Open Source.

So mark your calendars and keep a few days open betwen the 15th and 23rd of September 2007 for the SQIL.

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