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RaspBerry PI

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I Got 1 RaspBerry PI Model B+

I tried XBMC & Raspbian image.

Installing GPS on a 701 EEEPC

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I am looking at installing a GPS software on my 701 EEEPC. I am looking at anyone's experience in that direction.

Ziff Davis Publication -- Death to Desktop Linux

This blog is in response to a Ziff Davis article that predicts the death of Desktop Linux. This is my rebuttal.
The link is
Authored by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Recherche d'un programmeur

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Nous recherchons quelqu'un sur une base contractuelle.

Are you certified?

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We currently have a job opening for a RedHat certified candidate (or someone with rock solid experience on Linux in enterprise).

We are a major Redhat partner in Montreal and have very interesting mandates to deliver in collaboration with them.

Please send your resume to :



Linux Teacher wanted (cegep entry level)

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Posted 2010-03-18 by akallos
for a school administrator.

New To Linux - Where To Buy

Where can I buy Linux software on the West Island? I only have dial-up and it is too big to download.

Linux Courses


I am looking for in class Linux training for my job, preferably in early January. something to teach the basics of the command line & the shell. Does anyone know of any, I have searched the web, but have been unable to find anything. Thanks for any help.


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Im looking for a lunix guru to work on some project with me.

contact me


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