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Additional section for the Forum

I think that one site, that has sections for the major Distributions (eg Ubuntu, SUSE, Debian, Centos, Scientific Linux and Fedora) and a BUY and SELL (want-ads) and a gamers section. would attract many new members. I am also thinking that the site should include support Android, and Googles Chromium project.

Would mlug be the place for this?

RaspBerry PI

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I Got 1 RaspBerry PI Model B+

I tried XBMC & Raspbian image.

Installing GPS on a 701 EEEPC

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I am looking at installing a GPS software on my 701 EEEPC. I am looking at anyone's experience in that direction.

Ziff Davis Publication -- Death to Desktop Linux

This blog is in response to a Ziff Davis article that predicts the death of Desktop Linux. This is my rebuttal.
The link is
Authored by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Recherche d'un programmeur

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Nous recherchons quelqu'un sur une base contractuelle.

Are you certified?

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We currently have a job opening for a RedHat certified candidate (or someone with rock solid experience on Linux in enterprise).

We are a major Redhat partner in Montreal and have very interesting mandates to deliver in collaboration with them.

Please send your resume to :



Linux Teacher wanted (cegep entry level)

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Posted 2010-03-18 by akallos
for a school administrator.


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Im looking for a lunix guru to work on some project with me.

contact me


Organisme cherche aide pour installation de : Linux, Xampp, Drupal et CiviCRM / Help for a charity


Je fais partie d'un organisme de charité qui lutte contre la pauvreté et l'exclusion.

Nous avons récemment rajeunis notre parc informatique avec des ordinateurs performants.

Nous souhaiterions l'appui d'un connaisseur en Linux pour mettre en place le réseau pour à terme développer notre système d'information autour des logiciels libres comme CiviC

RM, qui est un CRM libre qui nécessite Drupal comme Content Managemment System.

Contactez Laurent au 514-279-0468


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