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Wanted, ASUS P5Q Motherboard,

I blew the front usb ports on my ASUS System. I would like to replace the Motherboard with the same model. If you have one for sale or for swappintg with a working system, let me know

Additional section for the Forum

I think that one site, that has sections for the major Distributions (eg Ubuntu, SUSE, Debian, Centos, Scientific Linux and Fedora) and a BUY and SELL (want-ads) and a gamers section. would attract many new members. I am also thinking that the site should include support Android, and Googles Chromium project.

Would mlug be the place for this?

Ziff Davis Publication -- Death to Desktop Linux

This blog is in response to a Ziff Davis article that predicts the death of Desktop Linux. This is my rebuttal.
The link is
Authored by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

Linux and Microsoft Windows Future

I work with both Linux and Windows XP. The latter software, in a Microsoft software based organization.

On the Linux based forum web sites that I visit, the subscribers cheer every time a Linux system displaces a major Microsoft one. The converse is true in the Microsoft camps, because of the argument "How can you make money with free software?" In the minds of these Linux forum subscribers, Microsoft is the enemy.

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