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Ziff Davis Publication -- Death to Desktop Linux

This blog is in response to a Ziff Davis article that predicts the death of Desktop Linux. This is my rebuttal.
The link is
Authored by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes

This topic is trying to draw the analogy between the horse drawn cart and the automobile. This comparison is false in the Linux vs Tablet debate.

Linux is powering tablets, so it will not disappear soon. Linux is powering servers and databases, so again, it will not disappear soon. Tablets have their place as mobile devices. Linux (Windows, and MAC) have their place on the desktop.

The old Gnome 2 interface is great for authors, be they programmers or researchers or students. With desktop Linux we can open two screens and do research on the right while we do our authoring on the left. And we have a keyboard to easily perform typing, cut and paste, even selected printing (to pdfs, etc.). One other Linux desktop advantage is onboard storage.

Both for both mobile and desktop, cloud storage, a la Dropbox will come to fruition. I do not see cloud storage or applications spelling the end to the Desktop as the transmission time for a terrabyte or petabyte of data limits cloud use.

The new Linux Desktop interface we are all trying to adjust to is transitional to something better. As the 4x3 ratio crt screens disappear, being replaced by very wide screens, the idea of using the left side (most people are right handed), for commonly used functions, and the remainder of the landscape, as the temporary desktop will evolve to something better. In a future Unity, cinnamon, or Gnome3 interface, eventually we should be able to return to the interfaces where data (a text document, a pdf file, etc.) starts a program, and not to the interface where you search for a program in order to open an application.

Bottom line. -- Due to wide displays, new interfaces will be introduced until there is a winner and a consensus for the future.

For the past year, and for the next 2 years, the desktop interface has and will evolve to be one where it will be a joy to use. It may or will even combine voice as an improved interface.