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Linux & Cloud System Administrator at Realtime, Local and Social Startup

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== Job Description ==

Weare looking for an intermediate level sysadmin already well versed in Linux/Ubuntu and ideally Amazon Web Services (but we can teach you that). Our stack includes Ruby Enterprise, Rails 3, nginx, MySQL, Riak, Redis and a few other obscure but cutting edge piece of artillery, you need to learn, understand, poke, debug and optimize our infrastructure with the help of the dev and operation leads. We support diversity, VI or Emacs, we don’t care.

Show us you are eager and authentic. Good hints have been provided to us in the past in the form of sourceforge, github, stackoverflow or slashdot usernames (you get the idea).

Cultural fit will be assessed, previous experience in zombies, internet memes and sci-fi would help you survive our work atmosphere. But you never know, we’ve had muppets, pop songs from the 80s and punk references thrown at interns to really test them…

== Company Description ==

Praized Media is located in Montreal. We are an enduring startup, well funded, already on our third pivot and happy about it. We like straight shooters, no bullshit (but polite) co-workers. We love what we do, but who else (at a startup) doesn’t?

We are aggressively developing and deploying real-time social media services (like Needium our latest, see We need curious, brilliant and details obsessed (with a sense of humor) people to help us grow the operations part of our business. This will be challenging and an awesome learning opportunity.

You can learn more about us at

== How to Apply ==

You can apply on LinkedIn at


Email me (Sylvain Carle) at with links to online material (LinkedIn, your blog, etc).

Please don’t attach a document, especially not a .doc or worse, .docx!

Ability to follow simple instructions is assumed ;-)