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Computer Quotes 191

You have a massage (from the Swedish prime minister).

Computer Quotes 190

You had mail. Paul read it, so ask him what it said.

Computer Quotes 189

You had mail, but the super-user read it, and deleted it!

Computer Quotes 196

You have mail.

Computer Quotes 197

You know you've been sitting in front of your Lisp machine too long
when you go out to the junk food machine and start wondering how to
make it give you the CADR of Item H so you can get that yummie
chocolate cupcake that's stuck behind the disgusting vanilla one.

Computer Quotes 198

You know you've been spending too much time on the computer when your
friend misdates a check, and you suggest adding a "++" to fix it.

Computer Quotes 205

You will lose an important disk file.

Computer Quotes 204

You will have many recoverable tape errors.

Computer Quotes 203

You will have a head crash on your private pack.

Computer Quotes 202

You scratch my tape, and I'll scratch yours.

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